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Crystal  Nicole


- Crystal Nicole

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Transformational speaker, Crystal Nicole is an impact driven leader and dedicated mentor who has made it her life’s mission not only to pursue but to fulfill purpose in every season of life by becoming all that God has created her to be while pushing others to the same resolve. She believes emphatically that we all have a unique reason for being here and that it's our job to seek God for insight and clarity regarding that reason in order to accomplish it with diligence and integrity. 

After many years of mentoring, leading in ministry, helping organizations as well as ministries execute vision through strategy, and guiding many individuals through the growing pains of finding purpose Crystal Nicole founded She Will Not Fail and Created To Be Consulting, LLC. In their own unique way, each exists to equip believers in their journey to becoming their best selves through providing coaching, consulting, training, and the tools as well as resources needed to understand their God given identity and purpose so they can be who God created them to be with confidence. 


She is a daughter, sister, aunt, godmother, niece, spiritual mother, loyal friend, woman of faith, communicator of the Word of God, CEO, Certified Life Coach, Strategic Solutionist, Founder, and Serial Entrepreneur. Though Crystal may wear many hats the goal is always the same: to impact, empower and transform the lives of those she encounters. This goal and her life's mission to help others fulfill purpose has taken her from Universities as a Keynote speaker, to Conferences and Workshops as a session facilitator or guest speaker, to the strategic planning tables of nonprofits and parachurch ministries as a certified strategy consultant. She has also been known to crash a bible study or two as well.


You may not believe this initially, but Crystal Nicole is an introvert that absolutely loves alone time and as she calls it "resting her soul". It's her love for loving people that makes her a popular introvert but an introvert, nonetheless. If you ever have to, you should know she can be bribed with Reese's peanut butter cups or a box of Little Debbie Swiss Roll cakes. 

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