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Crystal Nicole



Do you have goals in mind but struggle to be consistent in the pursuit of them? Find yourself constantly starting and stopping or maybe starting is the hardest part for you? Do you desire to better understand your identity? Ever think there must be more to life? Or have thoughts like why am I even here? Love God but struggle to develop your relationship with Him and sometimes to regularly spend time with Him? 


I would love to help! I offer many customized coaching programs designed to get and keep you on track through both 1-on-1 coaching as well as group coaching programs. Submit the coaching inquiry form today so we can connect over a free clarity call. Transformation awaits! 


Speciality areas:








Struggling with customer retention? Feel like your current systems and infrastructure make you work harder as opposed to saving you time and energy? Finding your self stuck in what feel like a never ending cycle? Running in to the same problems time and time again? Problems don't just need a response but strategic solutions.


Whether you have a business, nonprofit, or ministry, I would love to help you develop solutions to the problem your facing. Complete the strategic solution questionnaire and we can get started with a strategy call. Let's work together to solve your problems confidently with clear and effective strategy!


Have a clear vision in mind but don't know where to start or how in the world to get to the end result you see in your head? Maybe you have started but need the right information and resources to really gain momentum? Have the vision and direction but just don't have the time to implement or manage the implementation of the vision.


I would love to help! Complete the vision execution inquiry form and if we are a good fit we can connect over a clarity call. Let's work together to make your vision a reality!